Denying the evidence (Of course, it is jus my opinión)

Some reflexions about  the news of  “Alerts of health problems” in the last week in Linkedin

I Constantly read everything colleagues and health institutions report about the onset or return of infectious diseases in our first world. All persons thought   it is only  possible in exotic countries, poor and without adequate health care.

All the world-renowned experts, in the forums undoubted quality and professionalism and absolute solvency, the institutions they use to spread their jobs, alerts and professional knowledge in our Linkedin, has notified in the last week  that this is not true, or at least today is no longer so true.

There tuberculosis, different types of Culex are capable of transmitting various diseases,the industrial activities and environmental changes have caused serious disruptions in the ecological balance with its undesirable (and preventable) sequels. Situations of all kinds and man have caused the  displacement of millons of people and the  newspapers and TV news announce the arrival of “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

Faced with this situation, the society of the rich countries live in a “Nirvana”  caused by the false idea that “everything is at hand.” Something like “Brave New World “(Aldous. Huxley)

Denial the evidence is one of the most serious problems to which we have to face in to exercise of  the Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology. The knowledge of the absolute and relative risk of disease that has a community is the only do weapon of prognosis and prospecting the future health of a community.

 If in that community not are met the most basic rules of  solidarity  and we think that we have right at what not us the same thing happens and we have no obligation to maintain the health of the rest of the population, the sanitary disaster is served

Never we must “lower our guard” in health and education to the population in the social responsibility against the disease. This is the only way to maintain the precarious balance on the issue of infectious diseases, have.

The care of asistential medicine does not cure everything.

The social health care prevents the causes of diseases:

If we respect all our sanitary standards and commitments with ourselves and with others, we do not have problems or if we have them, this can be resolved quickly and effectively.